Mobile Client
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Mobile Client

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The Splashtop Secure Workspace Mobile Clients for Android and iOS provide a convenient way for users to access both SaaS applications and private applications directly from their mobile devices. With the mobile client, you can seamlessly connect to your applications, manage secrets and passwords, and enjoy a productive mobile workspace experience.

Enhanced Mobile Access

The Splashtop Secure Workspace Mobile Client offers a user-friendly interface that enables easy access to SaaS applications and private applications from your mobile phone. Whether you need to access your on-prem applications remotely or single sign on to your SaaS application, the mobile client provides a seamless and secure access to your workspace environment.

Effortless Password Management

The mobile client simplifies password management by offering a password autofill feature. It seamlessly integrates with your mobile operating system's autofill capability, allowing you to conveniently fill in passwords for various applications. For example, if you have a website account, the mobile client can prompt you with the proper username and password when accessing the website, making the login process smooth and hassle-free.

Multi-Section Capability for Enhanced Productivity

With the Splashtop Secure Workspace Mobile Client, you can take advantage of the session management capability. This allows you to launch and establish remote application sessions across multiple applications. You have the flexibility to manage multiple sessions for one application or multiple applications simultaneously, enhancing your productivity and facilitating seamless workflow management on your mobile device.

Application and Secret Sharing Functionality

Our mobile client also provides convenient features for application sharing and secret sharing. You can easily share applications with others, allowing for collaborative work and streamlined workflows. Additionally, the mobile client enables you to manage and share secrets securely, ensuring that confidential information is accessible only to authorized individuals.

In conclusion, the Splashtop Secure Workspace Mobile Client offers a comprehensive set of features and functionalities to enhance your mobile workspace experience. With its seamless access to SaaS and private applications, effortless password management, multi-section capability, and application and secret sharing functionality, the mobile client empowers you to work efficiently and securely from your Android or iOS device.


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