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The Recording section in Splashtop Secure Workspace allows you to view video recordings of past application sessions. This feature enables you to review and analyze user activities for auditing, troubleshooting, and compliance purposes.

Viewing Recorded Sessions

By default, the Recording page displays session recordings from the past 15 days. However, you can adjust the time range by using the time picker located on the upper right corner of the page. Select the desired timeframe to view recordings within that specific period.

The Recording table provides detailed information about each session recording, including the following columns:

  • Time: The timestamp indicating when the session recording took place.
  • User: The username associated with the session.
  • Activity: The type of activity performed during the session.
  • Details: Additional details or context related to the session.
  • Endpoint: The endpoint used for the session include the OS and browser info.
  • Device: The specific device associated with the session.
  • Network: The network through which the session was conducted.
  • Connector: The deployed connector responsible for facilitating the session.
  • Application: The application accessed during the session.
  • Source IP: The IP address from which the session originated.

Accessing Session Details

To view the complete details of a session recording, click the ">" button located in front of the respective recording. This will expand the session details, providing you with a more comprehensive overview of the recorded session.

Downloading Recordings

If you need to download a specific session recording for offline use or further analysis, you can click the "Download" button in the Actions column. This allows you to save the recording to your local device for archival or sharing purposes.

The Recording section offers a convenient and centralized platform for accessing and managing session recordings. By reviewing recorded sessions, you can gain valuable insights, ensure compliance, and address any potential security concerns.

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