Identity Providers
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Identity Providers

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Splashtop Secure Workspace provides the flexibility to integrate your organization's identity providers (IdPs). This enables your team to utilize multiple providers simultaneously, streamlining collaboration with partners and contractors.

To add an identity provider as a login method, you will need to configure both Secure Workspace and the specific identity provider. Detailed instructions can be found in our IdP-specific documentation, which will guide you through the setup process.

Splashtop Secure Workspace supports various types of identity providers, including social identity providers that do not require administrator accounts, open source providers, and corporate providers. This ensures compatibility with a wide range of IdPs to accommodate your organization's needs.

Accessing the Identity Providers Page

To access the Identity Providers page and manage your IdPs, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Settings section in the Splashtop Secure Workspace.
  2. Click on the "Identity Providers" tab.

Viewing and Managing Identity Providers

On the Identity Providers page, you will see a list of configured IdPs, along with relevant information for each IdP, including the Name, Type, and Enabled status. Here are the actions you can perform on each IdP:

  1. Test: Clicking the "Test" button allows you to verify if the IDP configuration is working correctly. This helps ensure that users can successfully authenticate using the IDP.
  2. Manage Access: By clicking the "Manage Access" button, you can limit access to the workspace based on the assigned groups. This allows you to control which groups of users can log in using the specific IDP.
  3. Edit: The "Edit" button enables you to modify the configuration settings of the IDP. This includes editing the IDP's configuration details and enabling or disabling the IDP.
  4. Delete: Clicking the "Delete" button removes the IDP from the Splashtop Secure Workspace. Please note that this action is irreversible and will permanently remove the IDP from the system.

Feel free to manage your Identity Providers by performing these actions based on your requirements. Ensure that the configured IdPs are functioning correctly and enable access to the workspace for the desired groups of users.

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